If somebody upgraded to the Turbo and need to sell their V3, I need one. Thx.
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The V3 lacked power and was a big pile of stink, Mark has the new amp which will blow the weeds out of anything AV123 was using.

AVR/Blu-Ray - Marantz SR7009 (9.2.2) - Blu-Ray Oppo UDP 203 - Apple TV
Front Height Amplifier - 2 Marantz MA6100's
Speakers - Klipsch RF-82 - Center RC-64 - Front Wide 2 RP-160M, Front Height 2 RB-10
Rear Surround - Surround Back 2 RS-52, Surround 2 R-14M
Subs - Dual MFW15's (Seaton Sound ICE amplifiers, soon to be triple MFW's)
TV -Samsung 55" 8500
2CH - Klipsch "The Sixes" and 1 MFW15

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