Hey all,

New homeowner here looking to fill my new home with those sweet bass sounds.

I'm looking for advice on which subs to get(probably getting two). I really like the idea of the Submersive HP+ with a slave, but perhaps another set of subs would fit my room better.

These will be going in my main living area. It's not an ideal room, as it's completely open to the dining room and kitchen, but I don't really have any other option.

Here is the layout

And here are some extra photos to help visualize

Ceilings are 10ft, so room volume is ~7,000 ft^3

One sub will probably be up next to one of the front speakers. Maybe another one on the back wall? I'm open to suggestions.

A few important points:

- I'm a 27 year old male that lives alone(no WAF to deal with)
- I mostly listen to music, but HT is fun too, and either way I like it loud (my Infinity Beta 20's aren't satisfying my dynamic needs atm)
- I'll be getting new FR and FL speakers soon (probably JTR Noesis 210RT). They will take up more room than my current mains, but there should still be room for a submersive next to them
- I plan to acoustically treat and isolate the room as best as I can, but from what I've read, it's a lot more complicated than simply placing absorbers/diffusers around the room so I'll worry about that after I get my gear in and can spend more time researching. 

Would the Submersive HP+ and Slave fit my needs well? Or would y'all recommend something else?

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