Time to either sell these or turn them into firewood [eek]

I want my garage back and Mark can use the shop space so I am going to blow out the empty cabinets at an unbelievable price

$100+ shipping!!!!  
Yea you just read that right, what ever doesnt sell soon I will be having a bonfire, after I keep 2 for future use

External Dimensions are 20X21X21.5 with inside being 5906in^3 or 3.42ft^3 
They have a recessed cut out for a 12" driver and have a recessed 12X12 cutout in back for a plate amp, the PE 500 and 1000 watt amps drop right in.

There are a lot of drivers out there that will work great in this cabinet.  I also have a few of the original 12" driver 3" VC drivers for a few buck.

I have both Madagascar Ebony and Piano Black.   Overall the condition on most are very nice.  I do have a few that need either the top cap or bottom cap replaced and do have new caps that are easy to replace.   I have a few that are a little beat up, I know of at least one that the driver mounting flange is trashed and should be made into a 15. 

I can replace the caps and or router out for a 15" driver but at added cost.   
When I was selling these at $650 with a driver and 1000Watt amp I was putting in some time to polish the cabinet, not at this price. 

If you want a complete working sub I can do it with the 1000Watt amp at $500

If you are interested I can email you pictures of cabinets and I will fully disclose the condition, also the first few I sell will have grills, once I run out of grills, there are no more. 

these are located in Detroit or Chicago and can be picked up or I can meet within a reasonable distance. 

Want more than 1, we can deal.

Below are 2 examples of the finishes

Click image for larger version - Name: 8-PB+driver_03.jpg, Views: 178, Size: 78.95 KB Click image for larger version - Name: EbonyTiger.jpg, Views: 173, Size: 76.25 KB
Click image for larger version - Name: 7-BE+driver_01.jpg, Views: 172, Size: 97.44 KB
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I guess you really want them gone at that price...  Good luck!
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I have 2 left in Detroit, well actually 3
one PB with a small crack in the front but is under the grill, takes a close look to even find it
one Ebony with a few scufs on the back around the amp hole


an Ebony with a 18" cutout in it.  can be purchased without or with a custom Fi Audio driver
$300 with driver
Motor City Custom Audio
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