Hello all...  I've had an MFW15 for about 4-5 years.  Had an amp replaced back when AV123 still existed due to hum and noises, and then I did some cap replacement myself on the V2 amp, but now my amp is producing phantom static (best description I can give).  There is just kind of a low static-y rumble that comes from the sub occasionally, it's not really noticeable above an actual source, but when it is idle and on, this noise comes and goes.  If I cut power, the noise goes away.  Happens even without a source plugged in so I know it's the amp.  (I have a cheater plug on the power because I get ground hum without it.)

I figure it's a sign the amp is going to poop again.  

So I'm looking at the Turbo upgrade.  The hoarder in me likes the idea of re-using the existing box.

On the other hand, I can get a SVS cylinder (PC12-NSD) for $750... but it's a smaller driver, and I imagine it won't go anywhere near as low as the MFW does.  My brother actually owns one, so I suppose I could try to test it, but his room is not my room (and as we all know, room affects sound).

On the third hand, I actually have an Adire Audio Brahma 15" (an old-school SQ sub from car audio world), in the designer-specified sealed box (the ABS151).  I suspect that the Dayton 1000W amp would work fairly well on the Brahma, but then I'm going from a ported setup to a sealed and I have no idea how that will sound.  (I suspect I won't get as much sub-bass out of the sealed setup.)  The Brahma is dual-coil, 2 ohms each, so I can run them in series to get 4 ohms for the Dayton.

Obviously Mark and Kevin would like me to purchase their product, but I'm trying to weigh all of my options here, as it is the most expensive of the 3.  Has anyone here heard an SVS sub, how do they compare to the MFW (in stock form or "Turboed")?

I presume that a sealed sub with equivalent power (Adire setup) is going to be quieter and less capable of "rocking the house" than a properly tuned ported one (Turboed MFW)?
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