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The guy that bought the last two is a friend who already has (and will keep) two Submersive HP's !!!!!
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I wonder how 2 Submersive HP's + 2 Terraforms would compare to 4 Terraforms? 
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Any word on if these will be available later?
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blake18 wrote:
Any word on if these will be available later?

In the Secrets SubMersive review thread I recently was asked a similar question:

Mark_Seaton wrote:
dmraupp wrote:
How much $$$ does the Terraform XL cost?

After we get some new units shipping the immediate future I'll probably come back to see what can be done in getting the enclosures reliably produced at a quality level I'm happy with.  For many rooms I feel the new F18 + & slave and possible combinations will offer more flexibility in a much more manageable package which can be assembled in pieces over time vs dealing with a 300 lb behemoth.

My current estimates would have a production Terraform XL like the 8 units we delivered selling for about $3995 powered and $2795 for a slave unit.  At the to-be-announced introductory prices, you could assemble a dual amplified system with 6 sealed 18" drivers making for dual 6' tall stacks of 18" drivers for only $1200 more than what we would have to sell a Terraform XL +/slave pair for, and you still have an option to add 2 more 18" drivers.  All while using less floor space or allowing for multiple locations with 3-4 units across the front and rear walls.

I'll certainly be looking at a Terraform-like design in the future, but we'll have to come up with something that really offers some performance advantages in a useful package to make it worth polishing out for production.  While we are long due for some new introductions, I try to refrain from adding products and variations unless I feel the product really makes sense and offers something unique where I can clearly recommend it to specific customers.  Too many offerings just "because we can" only pushes out lead times and confuses choices.
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