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I will be adding and editing this thread with current information as it is available and time allows.

The original Catalyst prototype thread, found here, served well, but the production version has evolved significantly in 2 years time.  The more recent pictures and discussion of the finalized Catalyst can be found in this thread about HTMarine's theater.  Forum member "fugueness"  received his Catalysts and added some great pictures and impressions in his thread, New Catalysts Arrive!

Catalyst Details:

Drive Units:

  • High efficiency, Italian made, 8" coaxial midrange w/ Neodymium compression tweeter.
  • Custom built, low distortion, high excursion, 12" sealed woofers utilizing a full copper sleeve over the pole piece for exceptionally low inductance and increased linearity.
Electronics & Amplification:
  • Internally powered, tri-amplified design.
  • Three (3) ICEpower channels of amplification with 24-bit/96kHz DSP executing the crossover design and response contouring.
  • 300W powering the coaxial 1" Neodymium compression tweeter
  • 700W powering the 8" midrange (coaxial with tweeter)
  • 1000W powering the pair of 12" sealed woofers.
  • Galvonic isolation of XLR inputs.
Cabinet Details:
  • Robust, multi-layer MDF cabinet construction with extensive bracing, precision cut CNC parts.
  • Large 1.25" bevel on baffle edges beneficial in diffraction reduction, aesthetic appeal, as well as easier flush baffle wall installation.
  • Tapered rear of cabinet with 3.5" chamfer to the rear long edges allows tighter placement when angled or toed in.
  • Gross dimensions:  16" wide, 38" tall, 14" deep (including 1/2" grill)
Performance Details:
  • Intended range of use: 55-21kHz
  • More details to come...

I am building out more Catalysts now and will continue to work on arrangements to keep costs under control and streamline assembly.  I will need to raise the price after the new year, but I do believe I can fend off the earlier projected $3,995 price.  This is a direct benefit of the increased business over the past 4 months I've been doing with both the SubMersive and now the Catalyst.  I believe we can hold the longer term price to $3,695 (per speaker + shipping).  I will be extending the current offer of $3,295 through February 1st, aligning with finally going live with the website early in the new year.  Until that time, those who have found our little space on the web and place their confidence in what I am delivering will see the benefit of this significant price break at $3,295 each (+ shipping).  This price requires a 50% deposit to start the build/assembly process, with the remainder due prior to shipping.  Ship dates will typically range from 3-5 weeks, with 8 weeks being the worst case we would see.

In summary:

  • Satin Black: $3,495.00 each + shipping
  • Black Oak:  +$150 each
  • Espressso, Red and Golden Cherry +$400 each
  • Lead times will be 3-7 days from time of payment when parts are in stock, with availability within 3-5 weeks dependent on lead time of parts and premium finishes.

Please e-mail me at or call at 773-290-8436 for further purchase information and a shipping quote.

Thank you all for the support and interest in what I am offering.

Be sure to check out the great pictures fugueness has recently posted in this thread:



Some pictures from HTMarine's installation:



Here is one look at the Catalyst's frequency response which I explained further in this post:

Mark Seaton
Seaton Sound, Inc.
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