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I am looking for the technical specs of this sub, I need to submit this to a buyer interested in them.

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If someone can help me on the aspect for spec as I want to find out whats the lowest Hz it can go down too and the highest?

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[ss-esp-1] [ss-esp-2] [ss-esp-4] 

SubMersive HPi+ Features: 


  • 6000W continuous power amplifier (with slave connected)

    • 3200W continuous power as a single unit

    • Capable of powering our passive SubMersive HP-Slave to the same levels as two powered units.

    • 4 Conductor Neutrik SpeakON connection for powering optional slave unit

    • US designed, high current, high duty cycle, class D amplifier design

    • High efficency design for maximum power from available home circuitry

    • Fully Manufactured in the USA (even the circuit boards)

    • DSP optimized response (non-user programmable)

    • Transformer coupled, balanced input connection

    • Nominal 120V operation (HP i+/F2i+ version available for 208-240V operation)


Drivers & Design:

  • Dual 15" sealed subwoofer

  • Force cancelling, dual oppposed design for a perfectly inert enclosure

  • Custom designed 15” woofer with 3” VC

  • Made in USA

  • Shallow sealed low frequency roll off for effective coupling down to 7-14Hz in room

  • 2 selectable response profiles (19Hz & 15Hz nominal roll off)

  • Only 3” clearance required in front of each driver/grill allowing tight corner placement



  • Common enclosure to ensure matching in driver output

  • Locally produced, miter-folded, press-veneered cabinet

    • Pre-veneered shell cut by precision CNC router

    • Precision interlocking bracing

    • Lock-mitered 1.5” thick driver baffle

    • Continuous wood grain wraps continuously

    • Selection of available wood species and stain options

  • Magnetically secured grills

  • Link to assembly process pictures


SubMersive HPi+ Specifications:


  • Internal 6000W/3200W amplification (with slave/indiviually)

  • Program 1 (IN) - +/-3dB from 19Hz to 200Hz outdoor response (typically 8-14Hz in room)

  • Program 2 (OUT) - +/-3dB from 15Hz to 200Hz outdoor response (typically 6-12Hz in room)

  • Dimensions: 24.25" W x 17.5" D x 25.5" H (Link to PDF) (including feet & grills)

  • Weight: 124 lbs

  • Shipping Dimensions: 29" W x 22.5" D x 30" H, 138 lbs

  • 10' power cord with Neutrik powerCON amplifier connection

  • XLR audio input – XLR-RCA adapter included

  • 208-240VAC power required for full power rating of "i+" version

Pricing for SubMersive HPi+:

  • $2995 Black Oak/Black Maple

  • +$100 Maple

  • +$200 Red, Espresso or Vintage Cherry

  • +$300 Rosenut

Mark Seaton
Seaton Sound, Inc.
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bassfeen wrote:
If someone can help me on the aspect for spec as I want to find out whats the lowest Hz it can go down too and the highest?

There is a 2nd order (~12dB/octave) roll off above 200Hz.  In room, you can get into the 5-8Hz range within output limitations which will vary per room, number of subwoofers, and placement.  There really isn't much addiitonal roll off even at 3-5Hz, but most preamps and receivers are rolling off in the 3-10Hz range, which combine to set practical limits.
Mark Seaton
Seaton Sound, Inc.
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Sorry for going off-topic but that espresso finish looks absolutely awesome. [biggrin]
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That reply looks like it should be put on a web site
sure looks like its formatted for that purpose 
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Is another name for the "SubMersive HPi+" the "Shallow 15" you were referencing at AXPONA 2017?
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