Hello everyone,
I just received my submersive on Monday and I like it very much.  I use ARC to EQ my speakers and subwoofer, but I ran into something a little different with the submersive.  Before, I used a pair of Outlaw Audio LFM1EX in my setup and ARC always set the speaker cutoff at 120hz.  Now when I run ARC with the submersive, it sets the cutoff at 80hz.  It certainly is not a problem and it sounds very good, but just curious if any of ya'll use ARC and if so, what your solution cutoff for the sub is in your system.  Cutoff is not crossover, which has always been set at 60hz, both with the Outlaws and the submersive. I think cutoff has something to do with where EQ resources are applied to the curve, but not 100% sure.  Thanks in advance. 
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