When I got my Submersive, I put it on the left side wall. I've heard that this could be a good spot. I noticed over the next few days that my stereo image had shifted so that mid-lows all seemed to be coming from the left speaker. It seems that the Submersive's physical placement is causes phase issues through the early reflection of sound waves from my monitor, relative to the right wall. I'm about to move the Submersive to a new spot, but before moving the heavy sub, I want to narrow down my spot choices.

People keep saying sub placement relative to objects in the room doesn't matter because sub-bass isn't directional. Is it ok if I put the driver right up against the wall, or a couch, or a thick bass trap?

Would placing the sub directly to the side of my monitor, or directly behind, create problems? The top of the sub is 10" lower than the bottom of the monitor.

Would placing the sub in front of a glass door cause a worse response at low frequencies? Would it slightly reduce reverb? I wonder if the glass's inability to reflect the whole bass waves would cause a cleaner sound.

I've heard placing the sub behind the seating space can be good. How far behind? I bet the sub has higher driver latency than the monitors; is having the sub close to the listening position best? What is the sub's latency (and what is an average latency for fairly good monitors, for reference)? In a DSP crossover, I'd take the latency difference and add about 0.9ms per foot of additional distance to reduce phase issues in the crossover range and harmonics, correct?
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