As most know, for the past 6 months or so we have offered a steal of a price on the upgrade of original, 1000W SubMersives to the new 2400W HP amplifier.  The first 50+ of the returned 1000W amplifiers went to those who pre-purchased these at similarly great price in the Australia group buy which will be landing in Sydney next week

Pricing thus far has been $385 including round trip shipping within the lower 48 states ($325 + shipping for all others).  This price is a fraction of the cost of the new HP amplifiers and was only enabled on this scale by knowing so many pre-loved amplifiers had new homes in the Australian group buy.  We will continue to offer the upgrade for anyone who wants to take their subwoofer to the next level for a long time, but the price will see a few increases over time.

I will continue to honor the $385 upgrade price through March 5th.  After March 5th, the price will be $460 for any upgrade within the lower 48 states, or $400 + shipping for other locations.  If anyone feels they might start getting the shakes in having their SubMersive silent for a few days, you can pay $900 up front by credit card or PayPal and we will ship out the HP amplifier directly with a return label for your original amplifier and you will be refunded the $440 once we receive your original 1000W amplifier.

We will continue to offer new SubMersives loaded with the "pre-loved" (pre-owned) 1000W amplifiers as they are available.  These have all been tested and updated with the current DSP programming including both the 19Hz & 15Hz response modes and limiting updates from the refinements I did for the introduction of the SubMersive HP.  These are available for $1695 + shipping + any finish premiums (2 year warranty on the pre-owned amplifiers).  These are eligible for the $100 savings when buying more than one, or to those who already own a SubMersive, and are a great option for our international customers who cannot yet take advantage of the SubMersive HP.  These can of course be upgraded with the HP amplifier at a later date. 

If you are ready to take advantage of the HP upgrade for your SubMersive, please e-mail or call us (773-290-8436) where James or I can get the process started and handle any payments.

Mark Seaton
Seaton Sound, Inc.
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Hi Mark, I emailed my amp order last night and also made PayPal payment to  I went with the $900 upfront option in order to get the HP amp shipped first, and will use the included return label to send back my original amp for the $515 credit.


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Shot Mark a PM

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Shot you an email, and PM a couple of weeks ago. Take a look if you could when you can.

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