Hi All,

I'm building a new covered patio adjacent to a lap pool also going in now and would like pretty good quality, full frequency range sound for non-critical music listening, mostly pop/rock. I figured I can use some all-weather box speakers (Klipsch aw650s) mounted to the sofit panelling and then would like to bring in some bass reinforcement (and relieve the Klipschs'). The SO (and CFO) is fine with the 650s, if painted to match, but will not take kindly to fake rocks, weird planters, or big black boxes sitting on the patio. Also, although we have an adjacent plot of grass where a sub could be buried, neither she or I are crazy about the look of a snorkel sticking out of the ground, and it's farther from the 650s than I'd prefer. I might get away with a couple of smallish end table looking subs sitting on the patio but they would need to be sealed/weatherproofed for covered outdoor use (something inexpensive like the Behringer mentioned in micah's post might work with the right recovering but I need a unit for coverage within 20-30'). But what I think I'd prefer are some ideas for a trick, inconspicuous in-ceiling solution, as right now it's framed but still open.

The covered area is about 18x30' with 12' height. There will be non conditioned space above the finished patio ceiling (T&G wood planking) for locating sub enclosures of any reasonable size. I don't want to get into an infinite baffle design because the sofit space is not really sealed, and anyway I don't need that much bass. I don't need club-level volume and it's just for music, not HT. Also, FWIW I'm in Texas so as far as durability I'd be mostly concerned about heat and insects. Any thoughts on weatherproof subs, stand-alone or built-in?
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First, are you considering a DIY approach, or a purchased fully functional product?

JBL pro has outdoor weatherproof loudspeaker and subwoofer offerings (as would the other pro sound mfrs, QSC, EAW, etc). You could peruse online, but I'd inquire with your local pro audio dealer. It's the type of subs one would encounter at amusement parks etc. An outdoor environment is acoustically tough to fill in the lowest octaves. But if you want quality bass that's audible at a slight distance, outdoors, I'd examine the pros of which this is their business. Clearly you don't want club SPLs, but I'd stay away from cheap products, as that's really some tough duty with extreme heat.

I'm guessing there's an entire market of lesser expensive outdoor rated offerings, I'm just not familiar with them. Additionally, there's a variety of marine type auto sound weathertight products, of which I know little.  

I hope this helps, that's quite the unique scenario for these pages. Hopefully others can shed additional light as well.

Good luck

(btw, you could flush mount a couple SubMersive F2s, and custom fab a weather proof grill, with an accompanying build thread )
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I'm actually wrapping up cabinet drawings for a large custom project with subs hidden below the floor of a very large, residential game & entertainment space.  While this was a bit over the top using 8 units in space that's more than 110' long, the sub's design of a somewhat unique bandpass with a pair of 12" drivers allows both 2 narrow dimensions and for all output to exit at an 11.5" x 3" opening while still having quite a bit of output to 28Hz.  This would be easy to screen over so long as the exit points down so it isn't exposed to direct rain.  While this box became exceedingly tricky having to fit a 12.55" diameter driver *inside* a 13" wide box, loosening the width to 14" would make it a much simpler build or keep it identical to what I've already had programmed for CNC.  The driver uses a rubber half-roll surround and treated cone, so should be fine as it's not exposed to sunlight in the box.  Other than porous materials, UV is much harder on most parts than moisture, which is eliminated with the bandpass design and by placement under the patio cover. 

I'll be more confident in how appropriate this would be for this application around the 1st week of June.
Mark Seaton
Seaton Sound, Inc.
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Wow, Mark. Could not have hoped for a more tantalizing reply except if you had said that these suckers were ready to ship! This is what I was interested in exactly.

The dimensions are not critical for me as the joist spaces are 24" and I'd be blocking them in anyway. Bandpass might also work well as the 650s roll off at 70Hz (-3dB),


Thanks for the overview. I did look at JL Audio's marine products, but I'm sceptical they could get tuneful bass out of such small enclosures designed to be splashed with salt water. For this application I dont have to compromise so much for durability. Most of the better commercial systems I've seen have products designed for distributed use in landscaping, where you can hide a medium-sized green lump. Our simpler patio/deck really calls for something more integrated and less visible. I've heard the Klipschs' at a couple of cafes and restaurants and they seem to work well, not too big for surface mounting. Apparently they're just waiting to partner with a bit of Seaton Sound wizardry!

I'll get in touch with you next week Mark. Thank you
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