Mark, since RMAF 2015 is one week away, I'm assuming Seaton Sound will not be there? I didn't see you in the exhibitor list. 
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No, he isn't doing a room this year at RMAF. He is attending because he told me he is coming to "movie night" at the JRiver/JTR room 2016. You're invited if you like to join us at 7:45 on Friday and Saturday evening. Let someone at the room know if you would like to attend. We will have food and drinks available.

Edit:  I realized watching a movie in a 2 channel room sounds strange. We are actually having a multi-channel room with 5 JTR 210RT speakers, 2 JTR Captivator 1400s,  a 126" diagonal 16:9 Seymour Screen Excellence AT screen and a JVC DLA-RS67U projector. 
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