My HT will be 11'X 21' in a sealed dedicated room . Are these to big ?
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Drunkonjack wrote:
My HT will be 11'X 21' in a sealed dedicated room . Are these to big ?

A DOJ sighting!  Very good to see you here (a welcome blast from the past).

One of the great qualities about the Catalyst 12C is the ease in placing them in real rooms.  One of the reasons larger speakers are often recommended to be placed far from walls is due the integration of the large array of drivers which behave very differently up close vs. 6-12' away.  When the off-axis energy/sound hitting the side and front wall is not integrated with what reaches the listener, it often colors the sound and makes placement tricky or very fussy.  The Catalyst's use of a low ~250Hz crossover to the 8" coaxial midrange and tweeter afford a huge advantage in this regard where the acoustic size of the speaker is effectively only 8" diameter above ~350Hz.  Only the bass frequencies get "bigger" in the 12C vs 8C and even vs the upcoming Spark (8" coaxial only).

The very first installation of the 12C's in HTMarine's theater was a room that was maybe 12' in width, and many others have used 12Cs in 11-14' wide rooms with very good results.  Of course they have the capability of filling a very large room like we did last year at Axpona 2014 and even rather impressive 2 ch results like at RMAF this past October.

In a small room the biggest hurdle is the lower frequency gain seen from close proximity to the side walls, much like can happen when a center channel is placed close to the floor under a screen rather than behind it.  Fortunately this is exactly the type of problem room correction systems like Audyssey, Dirac and even MCACC can significantly adjust for.
Mark Seaton
Seaton Sound, Inc.
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thanks for the reply Mark ! good to hear from you. after looking at the prices and as much as I'd love to have these in my set up I might not be able to swing it at this time. I have since added Twin girls in our home so lots of funding goes into that direction.

Do you have any new products on the horizon that may fit a budget for someone raising some kids ? 

I have moved to a larger house and sold the 
ht with the other house so I'm in the process of building another HT in our new house. Your speakers are on the top of  my list .

hope to see you soon. 

and keep rocking
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I called on Monday and left a VM.  Can you help answer these for me?

My Room : 23Lx13Wx7H = 300sqft or 2100cuft - Ear height about 38”
My MLP: 13ft from back wall (rear surrounds) & 10ft from front LCR. = 170sqft or 1180cuft (listening space)
Note - Where my TV and speakers are, there is only 8ft wide of space (fireplace on left, steps to go upstairs on right (split-entry house), so I may need to downsize my 65" TV and stand depending on width of speaker stands.
Are 12Cs good options for this room or would 8C be more appropriate?

Do you need 20amp circuit to run LCR 12C/8C or is it okay to run on 15amp circuit?
Should you use a power conditioner or surge protector for these?
Can my current surround speakers be used with them? (Energy Veritas 2.0RI – Rated Up to 100 watts)
Is there anything else you are working on that may be a better fit for me?
The reason I am looking into this is because I recently purchased a new amp (Emotive SA-250) and was listening to my speakers (2ch) (87dB sensitivity each, 90dB together) when I noticed one of them started smoking.  I quickly turned it off, but found out that the midrange driver got cooked.  I am not really sure what caused that because my wife and I were listening to a CD from about 10ft away (couch) and all sounded great for 25minutes or so. 
I am puzzled because...
    1) the speakers were bi-wired, and I noticed the black (-) banana plug was about 95% out of the amp terminal, so I wonder if that could have caused it? Logic tells me it shouldn't
    2) it was a new amp, so was it faulty...Emotiva will deny it regardless (returned it just to be safe), and
    3) I listened louder than normal because it was a new amp that was rated 250 watts/ch and my speakers also have recommended power up to 250 watts.  I took it up to reference level (0dB) because everything sounded great. I never did hear any pop or distortion, but what do you think? The woofers and LF crossover was fine. The HF crossover is also fine.  Could it have been that loose banana connection from the amp to the high binding posts or do you think I actually exceeded the clipping levels of the amp/speaker? (I really didn't think id approach using that much power from such a short distance and fairly small listening room. It is worth mentioning that the banana plug that was mostly out of my amp's negative terminal was not touching anything else or else I would have thought that that could have caused a short or something.  I was listening for about 25 minutes or so before it started smoking, so I am completely puzzled and have searched for hours online and cant find anything!
I really would appreciate your feedback, Mark!
Thanks for everything...and I'm still enjoying my 2 Submersives!
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I have both speakers and if you only have 8' for front wall then the Cat8s would fit nicely. There a nice size speaker not too small and not too big they blend in well with room. The cat12s  are Beast they are very large and stand out in room. The Cat8s still pack a punch so dont rule them out because of size.

I run all 3 Cat 12s off one dedicated 15 amp breaker Mark also told me this is fine.

You dont need a power conditioner. I use a simple switches to turn on and off my speakers and subs. You can use a surge protector if you want just make sure its rated  to handle the demands these speakers can dish out.
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Thank you for your input, akbash.  I spoke with Mark yesterday, and like you said, I think the 8Cs are more appropriate for my space. I sent Mark pics of my room to get further confirmation, but I think that the 12Cs may be best suited for a larger theater-type room and not my standard 300sqft gameroom...especially due to its layout.

Would you say the primary difference between the two is mostly in the bottom end? I have a submersive HP+ and a slave submersive in my room, so I may not really miss too much with the 8Cs.

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Yes with having both speakers the Cat12s have more punch to them. To be honest if i had to do it again i would have been happy with just the Cat8s for my size room 17W x 19L x 8H my front wall space is 12'10. You only can use so much of that power for so long. And with you having two subs you will have plenty of punch. Plus the money you save going with Cat8s you can use that for other HT items. Like Mark once said if the had the Cat8s and never herd a Cat12 you would not miss having the Cat12s.

You will be happy with there size also I think there the perfect size to fit most size rooms with out drawing attention to themselves. If you need a center channel stand Sound Anchor makes a nice adjustable one plus its built like a tank.
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