Bill Shakes
So it's been a busy last few weeks moving into the new house. Building stuff, painting every square inch and working and just general life, here's the new digs.

Room set up is almost done. Have to put up the atmos speakers tomorrow morning and hang a couple of panels as well. As you can see in the pics I've placed them where I think they should go. Have one mounted in the long hallway though to help noise from bouncing down there but there is still a lot of leakage. I have two 6" thick bass traps, one is down long hallway for now under the candle holder, and one is on floor behind the TV. Thinking of mounting the 2" one in kitchen next to clock, or maybe on the wall to the immediate left of the sofa under the left side speaker. Thoughts? The other 2"'panel thinking above the tv and going horizontal with it.

The f2+ is an absolute hammer though. Had a birthday party for my daughter last weekend before I mounted the rear speakers or ran audyssey on the denon and people were blown away. I kept telling them that's just plugged in, no tuning or no surrounds and it was still amazing. Going to be killer by tomorrow night and mad max will be blasting in Atmos.

.......I can't seem to post pics from my iPad. Any ideas on how to? Lol. File size to large and don't know how to resize them on this new tangled apple device
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