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So I'm about a month away from new house. Still loving the F2 by the way and I hope I have enough room to ass the slave for the left side of the TV. Making the purchase now for six NHT superONE 2.1 for surround rear and side and atmos speakers. Also getting the Denon 5200 with the XT32. 

Got a few questions to run past you guys. In the pic below, sorry had to shrink it to fit the screen, I've outline the basic layout of spekaers, sub, receiver bass traps, etc. My first question is I have three high frequency chameleon panels from ready acoustics on my ceiling to treat first reflections for the LCR. Since atmos is designed to use the ceiling as a reflective surface that would be a no go. BUT since my atmos speakers and all four rear speakers will be on the ceiling I'm not sure if it would effect the atmos plan or not to have them up there as they would really only catch the reflections from the LCR speakers.

The atmos speakers will be aimed at face level and the XT32 will have room correction so I'm thinking I would be better off using those panel in other areas such as the hallway to the top and bottom of the pic since atmos is supposed to use more of the room  

Thoughts on that?

One thing I havnt been able to find is ceiling treatment for home theater=good, ceiling treatment for atmos with ceiling mounted speakers=who the hell knows.  

I will be doing some dense curtains on the tv wall as well as the sliding door wall on the top of the pic. But I'll tell you, finding a curtain rod that will handle a ~100lb curtain with no center support is hard since I want to run one curtain for the whole length and be able to actually open it.   

Forgive my paint skills......

yellow line represents the line from tile to carpet. everything to the right of the yellow line is carpet.

speakers 2.jpg
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