Check it out on ebay now.... I needed one of these! Maybe someone else needs spare parts.  They don't say what they came from but I am pretty sure these are from those Rockets ULW/UFW. The connecters are identical. So are the voltages.


Item number:220966964301


Toroid 500VA Transformer ZM500 60/50Hz PRI: 0V-0V-115v Toroidal Audio Amplifier

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Those look to be from the last version of the UF/UL-10 amps and also the UFW-12 HR amp that av123 sold.     at the rate the UFW-HR amps have failed I wouldnt bother even trying to fix it as it cant.  I havent seen one were it was the transformer but might be in your case.

Its much better just to replace the power supply caps in the original amps and call it a day.

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