I have a pair of Rocket 850's that I am afraid might have come out of phase somewhere from the factory. The only reason I suspect this is because I now have them in my dedicated room and I can't get them it image/stage to save my life. I have a pair of Klipsch RF-3 form years ago that I am swapping in and out and am getting a better image from the Klipsch than I am the 850's. Also there was a post on AVS that stated that some did actually come from the factory out of phase and people didn't find that out until they were doing Ninja X-over upgrades in some cases. Lastly, a year ago I purchased a Marantz 5008 and during the auto setup it would not complete the setup cause it was saying my fronts were out of phase but I never paid it any attention and forced it to do so. I didn't pay it any attention because I knew I had them wired correctly thought I had a faulty AVR. I love my 850's and want to keep them but knowing that they may be out of phase is going to drive me crazy plus the fact that I cant get them to image/stage properly but the old Klipsch image just fine. So with that said is there any way to check and correct the phase on them?

Any help is appreciated.
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Showing up out of phase during Audyssey is normal AFAIK.  My RS1000 and RSC200 all do it as well.
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