Hi Mark,

My name is Kris Warrior from Australia. You may recall, that I wrote to you saying how I bought your CATS off BladeRnR (Justin Brown)…who was your first client from Down Under?

The CATS have been wonderful and over the years, I have added two SubMs and a couple of Sparks, all driven by an Integra DHC 80.3.

Over the past couple of days, I noticed one of the CATs (and I have 3), has started spluttering and cracking…I tried to re-sit the XLR cables and fiddled with it, brought about a temporary respite (not sure if that helped)..but the spluttering and cracking noises have started all over again. The Green “SIGNAL” light at the back, flickers on and off.

I am guessing that the Amp is now giving up on me.

Would you be kind enough to help me with another Amp? I can resend mine if you would like me to…I am more than happy to pay my way, of course.

Just as an FYI, I have copied John Tubb, who you will recall, bought his Seatons off you in a group buy….John (Minty), has a similar problem with one of his CATs, and I promised him, I would copy him on the email, so we would both know, how you could be of help.

I hate that I have to write you under these circumstances, but it is what it is, and I am hoping that you would be able to help…

I look forward to hearing from you Mark…I love the CATS and the rest of the Seatons I have, and would love to be using them for a fair while …
Appreciate your help.
Many thanks…

PS -
My Mobile number is +61 410 514 186
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Check this:
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I'm up in Brisbane, Australia and bought three Cat 12's from Mark back in 2016 after having a look and listen to Mintys Home Theatre. I had one Submersive that I bought  second hand.
In 2017 one of the Cat amps stopped working and I contacted Mark who promptly sent a warranty replacement. So all good.
About three months ago one of the Cats started popping and crackling, some times a little bit and sometimes a lot. I tried changing leads etc but has to be the amp.
Mark said he was waiting for a replacement amp to come available. I ended up just using two Cats and running a phantom centre, ok but no way as good. I asked Mark if it was an option to trade my old, still under warranty,  amp in and buy a new one, depending on the cost, but not heard back for a while.
Looks like there is a bit of a queue waiting on Cat amps. I'm not sure who the OEM is.
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Minty and I are both looking for Amps. One of our CATS, each, have a failed Amp. I am happy to pay for the Amp, give. That it is out of warranty. And also happy for someone to point me to the Amp manufacturer. Let’s hope Mark responds. 
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I believe your Catalyst uses amps from SpeakerPower as do my Submersive HP subwoofers. After waiting more than a month for Mark to follow-up on a promised repair/replacement for me, I reached out to SpeakerPower directly and obtained an RMA as have several other Seaton owners. I sent my amp back a little over a week ago. Reach out to and see if he can't help you directly.

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Thank you Vince. I will write him tonight. Appreciate your help. 
Cheers mate
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I’m not sure he will be able to program the DSP as Mark does?
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They have the DSP info, and if necessary can reprogram.
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