Hello again Mark. Dave Ippolito, owner of the trucking company which hauled that huge Seaton group-buy to Ontario Canada for me way back when (and bought the lions share of the Seaton gear in that shipment), has a misbehaving CAT12. He says one of the coaxials has stopped making sound. Is this likely to be a bum channel on the amp pack?

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Hello Vince, there has been quite awhile since at least I have seen some activity over here.
I have three Cats myself & have had trouble with the amps mute switches. Seeing no purpose
for the switches I strapped them out (shorted across the switches) making the non functional.
Prior to making the switches non-functional, I worked the switches a multitude of times which
solved the problem, at least for a while until I decided to take more drastic measures. 
I would try working the switches first, which can be done without removing the amp.

Good luck, Carl



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I recently had one of the amps repaired in one of my CAT 12’s as 2 of the channels went out. All 3 amp modules had to be replaced.  Had to go direct to speaker power for this.  They were very quick and communication was great.  Cost was almost $1000 though. 
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