So, I haven't heard anyone mention this before, but I just received my second Submersive today (thanks Mark).  With it, I ordered a 35' XLR cable so I could have more placement flexibility -- wound up needing the length too with where one of the subs ended up.  Anyway, my receiver (Denon 4311ci) is lacking XLR outputs, so I have the adapter supplied by Mark connected to the RCA output and the long XLR cable connects to that and supplies signal to the sub.

Here's the issue -- when the receiver is *off*, the Submersive starts making these popping noises.  It sounds like it is...umm...farting, lol.  This noise goes away upon either:

1)  Disconnecting the XLR from the Sub.
2)  Disconnecting the RCA end of the adapter from the receiver (but then the SubM will hum a bit, I assume the XLR is acting as a bit of an antenna?).
2)  Turning *on* the receiver.

The noise level tracks the sub gain, but at the nominal gain for my room it's still present (again, only when the receiver is off).

Any clue what this could be?  Oddly, when I use an RCA cable and put the adapter on the other end, it doesn't seem to do it.  Also (and what I ended up doing), the older SubM HP (non + edition) doesn't seem to suffer from it (or at least not as badly, as I haven't noticed it yet).  So, I put that Sub on the XLR for now.

Mark suggested when I was buying the new sub to connect the FM antenna input of the receiver (coax) to the coax cable protection circuitry of my power line.  I tried this and that didn't seem to help.

I have no idea what is causing this, and find it even more odd that it goes away as soon as the receiver turns on....  Ideas/suggestions...do I have ghosts in my electrical system, lol?

edit -- I know I can buy/build something that will relay on/off the sub amp power with my receiver, which I could do as a last resort if I had to, but it just seems like this is something that shouldn't be happening -- period -- so I'd rather fix it or at least know what it is and whether it is harmful before doing something to fix the symptoms rather than cure the "disease".
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Now I'm scared, lol -- 125 views and it seems that no one else has ever experienced this.  Now I really wonder what's going on in my home to be causing this.  Could it be some electrical or environmental noises making their way into the signal chain?  If so, why only when the receiver is off?  What would turning on the receiver do to alter the signal chain enough to stop it...immediately, as soon as the receiver is turned on.

In fact, now that I recall, I switched out my older Denon 2106 shortly after I bought the original SubM HP because of the same issue.  As soon as I'd turn off that receiver the SubM would start popping.  When I bought the 4311ci, it was "fixed".  But with the new sub and XLR cable in the mix, it seems to have returned.
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