I heard a couple of new rumors.

First, I hear today is Mark Seaton's 29th birthday. HAPPY B-DAY KING O BASS!

Second, I hear this is something like the fifth time Mark has turned 29.

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Only Megan knows the truth....

Can't wait till saturday..... Peter's house is going to be sick!

hopefully the 4 submersives will make the journey.


Silicon Valley, CA and Huntsville, UT

and Formerly Raleigh, NC. Loving the mild weather, hating the cost of EVERYTHING!
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Sean_W_Smith wrote:
Only Megan knows the truth....

I'm pretty sure she doesn't.

When you see Mark he can explain to you why that is.
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Yeah, I'm planning on turning 29 a few times myself.  Maybe I'll start repeating at 25...
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