I thought I would pull this out of the veneer sale thread for those who might miss the addition there.  These are included in the veneer sale where the normally $300 cherry veneer premium is only $200, and the new Rosenut finish which will be a $400 premium is only $300.

I took a few pictures when I picked these first two production Rosenut SubMersives from our cabinet builder.  I already have more Rosenut SubMersives on order, but one of these is still available immediately at the reduced pricing of $2495.  The grain pattern on this pair looks very impressive.  To improve the likelihood this look is more common than not, I've decided to go with architectural grade, matched sheets for the walnut veneered MDF material to insure minimal variation within a batch for those ordering multiples and bit less variation batch to batch.  That said, being natural wood, part of its beauty is the natural variation in the grain pattern and darkness, so variation common to walnut veneer should be expected.  I really need to get some professional shots of these, but I'm quite pleased with the look!

Here are a few quick pics I was able to take in our shop of the vintage cherry.  This is a very good match for what I see many offering as "American Cherry" or just "cherry" finish such as with Klipsch, Aerial Acoustics, and many others.

These finishes are now available on all speakers we have veneer options for (ie Catalyst 12C & 8C).

Mark Seaton
Seaton Sound, Inc.
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