My MFW Turbo upgrade arrived this week.  I'm having issues getting it to work correctly though.  

First let me start off with the install ...

My original MFW15 was purchased back in 2006 and worked wonderfully, providing plenty of bass in my ~400sqft dedicated theater room, until several weeks ago when I began to get a loud hum.  I tried the capacitor fix without luck and decided it was time to upgrade to the Turbo.  

The turbo arrived last week and today I got the chance to install it.

First I took off the front plate of the MFW15:

Then I flipped it over to take out the amp and controls:

The amp came out pretty easily since I had already removed it to replace the capacitors.  You'll notice I had a bit of paint chipping on the edges... if I could do it over again, I would have run a razor blade around it.  One set of wires had a clip that detached, the others had to be cut.

Then I removed the top plate...

After that I removed the driver.

I layed down new weather stripping over the openings and installed the new plates:

The wires were connected to the terminals and fed through the hole prior to the panel being put back on.

The wire was fed past the insulation and up into the main cabinet:

Here you can see the old driver next to the new driver:

I removed the rubber gasket from the new driver:

I rested the new driver on a board on top of the cabinet and connected the wires:

Note to anyone doing this... mark where the old screw holes are prior to putting the new gasket material on.  Once the new gasket is on, you can't see the old holes anymore.  I had to pull a small bit up to find an old hole and mark it.  Then I laid the new driver in the box:

I centered it and laid the face plate back on to make sure everything aligned prior to screwing the driver in:

Then I used the provided screws to put the driver in:

Then I put the face plate back on using the plastic spacers provided:

Now came the fun part... getting this beast back into its hole:

I connected the wires to the back of the sub and ran them to the amp:

The amp is connected to the receiver via an RCA sub cable to the LFE input:

Then with as much strength as I could muster, I lifted the sub back into place:

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I turned on my Onkyo 705 and my PS3 and popped in the Transformers BluRay and was ready to be blown away... but there was so little bass I had to make sure the sub was even working.

I ran Audyssey hoping that would help and there was still very little bass.  Audyssey put the subwoofer at -5db with the levels shown in the pic above, which makes me think the sub is working fine.

I play BluRays with TrueHD output via bitstream or LinearPCM on my PS3 to my Onkyo 703 via HDMI and have tried either TrueHD or PLXII Movie and both settings provide very little bass.  I tried increasing the main speakers crossover to 80hz, but no improvement.  If I up the gain on the amp or the receiver I get more bass, but it is very boomy instead of the thump in my chest I was used to with the MFW15.

I'm looking for any help folks can offer on settings I might be missing.  I bought a USB mic and downloaded REW, but I have no clue how to use it yet...  I contacted Kevin and he asked me to try to connect a CD player or DVD player directly to the sub, so I will try that tomorrow to verify the driver is working correctly... but we are thinking there's something setup wrong in my Onkyo...

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Ok, I got my new minidsp mic hooked up and ran a headphone jack cable into the rca aux input on my Onkyo 705.  Here is my first run of REW after loading in the mic calibration file from dsp.

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Did you ever get this resolved? You should contact Kevin or Mark Seaton.
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Moving mine to the other side of the room helped. I had contacted Kevin, but it was difficult to get the help I needed over email.
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