With some fresh photos now uploaded to the website, I wanted to start a thread here with more information on this brand new offering we first demonstrated in the entry area of our ballroom at AXPONA 2018. Yes, the website now has most all of our subwoofers listed and even offers online ordering with flat rate shipping.

In short, this subwoofer delivers musical punch, articulation, and deep extension well beyond what most expect from its size, while matching the deep in-room extension of our much larger sealed designs like the F18 or SubMersive subwoofers.

The work I've done over the years to let SubMersives and F18s be pushed to their limits without diving for the remote control in fear of destroying your prized subwoofer is the basis of being able to pull such deep extension from a compact sealed subwoofer, knowing that those who go on to run 2 or even 4 of these will get all the deep extension and excitement SubMersive or F18 owners experience, with the benefits of multiple subwoofer locations.  We are introducing these at $1095 each in black maple or $995 for 2 or more units along with $65 flat rate shipping within the lower 48 states.  That's $1160 for one, or $2120 for a pair.  It doesn't hurt that these look rather slick and with a cosmetic trim ring concealing the woofer mounting hardware and the same style magnetic grills found on the SubMersive and Catalyst speakers.

[JS12-BMaple-Grill1] [JS12-NatCherry-NoGrill2] [JS12-NatCherry-Rear1] [JS12-BMaple-TopNoGrill1] [JS12-BMaple-TopGrill1]


  • 15″ wide, 18″ tall, 14″ deep including magnetic grill.
  • 700W ICEpower amplifier with advanced DSP performance optimization.
  • +/-3dB 20-200Hz with gradual sealed roll off like our larger subwoofers
  • Typical in room extension of 8-14Hz
  • Full extension of our larger products in a smaller package, multiple units give up nothing to our larger subwoofers
Mark Seaton
Seaton Sound, Inc.
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