Considering taking the plunge this year to upgrade the entire audio portion of the system.

Here is a quick album of the current theater: http://imgur.com/a/Sjm9v

A bit of history on the system. Was all installed in 2000 by us, when we initially built the home. The room has slowly been updated over the years, with the most major renovation in '08-'09 when we redid the interior with full accents, seating, cabinets, etc.

At that time we also removed the aging Fujitsu LPF-8200 with 4:3 screen and replaced it with a JVC DLA-RS10 and 120" Dalite seen in the album.

As you can tell the room dimensions aren't perfectly square. 

Room Dimensions: Total room = ~16.5 ft wide x 28 ft. deep - 12 foot ceilings 

The actual room dimensions with available seating and what the viewers are actually in: 16.5 ft wide x 17.5 ft. wide

The additional 10 ft. in depth accounts for the back part of the room housing the small bar with two stools and the additional AV equipment which actually has roughly 3 x 5 feet of room to work for maintenance.

Current AV Equipment:

Sherbourn 5/1500 - 5 Channel Amp
Citation 5.0 Amp with 5.0 AV Processor
Oppo BDP-103

This is pretty much what will stay. We likely will be changing quite a bit of the components in the current rack out.

Since our processor is behind the times, we're considering going with an Integra DHC 60.5 or an 80.3. We're hoping this should future proof us for some time.

The current speakers are all RBH and everything is currently set up at 7.1 surround.  I'm forgetting the model numbers off the top of my head right now. I also forget if these are in-wall cabinets, or simply in-wall speakers. Obviously if in-wall cabinets, there's some additional room behind the wall for usage at a later time if I decide to go with a baffle-wall system, but for now - I really don't want to tear up the money I put into for the theater treatments with millwork columns.

What you see there along with the center channel, are (2) RBH 10 inch subwoofers. These are passively wired to the Sherbourn amplifier. The Citation is providing power to the 4 in ceiling.

In the separate cabinet you see in the album, is a Triad In/Wall Silver 15 (12 inch subwoofer) wired to an in-rack Bash 500 amplifier. This was supposed to be a true in-wall subwoofer, but due to some plans changing with the construction of the room in '08 - we ended up not cutting into the drywall as expected. We were considering replacing this subwoofer with an MFW 15 with a Turbo upgrade (not yet ordered/installed), but have been up in the air about this. Part of me, doesn't really like the placement of the subwoofer off to the side for sound purposes. Sure, it's nice that it's hidden - but, I do think that the subwoofers would be best heard at the front of the room - especially with our almost perfect square. If you have any advice about this - please do share.

As you can tell - things have been pieced together slowly and it's been a learning experience. Looking back - there's a lot of things I would've done differently, but there was a fine line between re-doing everything and also making the wife happy with the room. 

At this point the main things we're looking to upgrade are all the speakers in the room, or rather changing their current purposes:

  • Adding a Catalyst 12C for Front L/R speakers.
  • Adding a Catalyst 8C for Center Channel.
  • Adding (2) Submersive HP at front

With those mentioned, since we'll be upgrading our processor/receiver to either a 9.2 or even an 11.2 capable system, we're wondering how we might regroup our current RBH speakers for this. A few questions about this:

  • Can they still be utilized in their current positions?
  • For example - can my current RBH Front L/R's act as front R/L surrounds?
  • If not - can the current in-ceilings, and then possibly adding additional more powerful surrounds?

I have a feeling that the Catalyst's will overpower the current RBH in-ceilings, so I feel they could serve as smaller surrounds for fill purposes in a 9.2 or later 11.2 system. 

Do you have any recommendations for more powerful surrounds we can add to accompany the Catalysts? I've seen Seaton's Sparks, but honestly they're a little large to hang off the walls, but could work for the ceiling. I understand that there is talk of a replacement for these, but in the mean time - are there any other recommendations? Procella? Triad?

Any comments/tips/advice would be most appreciated.

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VERY Nice theater. I am seling my 3 Catalysts 12C's and 4 Sparks, which I used for surrounds. Less money that new Cat 8's. Mark does not make the Sparks any longer but they use the same midrange/tweeter as the Catalysts.

You can see the specifics on my thread: FS: Catalysts and Sparks. http://www.seaton-sound-forum.com/post/fs-catalysts-and-sparks-7281715?pid=1286100599#post1286100599
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