My speakers and SubMersive can't find my choice in movies and music that bad, or can they? [bawl]

My room is not damp (or at least doesn't seem/feel like it) and in the summer the A/C is on 24/7. In the winter, the A/C is off but the room temperature is the same as during the summer with the A/C on. It happens both during the summer and winter.

What could be the cause? It seems every few weeks to a month, mold slowly starts growing on my speakers and SubMersive. I wipe it off and everything is good as new. It's weird. [tongue]
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It has to be a humidity issue, I would think. 
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I am having the same issue with the wall behind my fixed screen. Mold is forming. 

I plan on keeping the A/C on even though it is not required (very very rare in Dubai). And I plan on having a gap between the screen and the wall for airflow.

This has not happened on my submersives however.  
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