One MFW currently works fine (knock on wood), the other one crackles and shrieks some times when powered on but then shuts up and if left alone for everything to warm up for about 15 minutes before using it. It will work normally until it has been turned off and a few days later used again, rinse repeat, drive wife crazy. She is finally sold on having these beasts as I catch her using them when I come home at times and she admits to enjoying what they add.

So, having said all of this I have been looking at amplifiers and I know what would be best is what's available here, I wish. For now, what do you guys think about "Yung SD500-6 500W Class D Subwoofer Plate Amplifier Module with 6 dB at 25 Hz" or the one without boost which costs $149.00 at Parts Express as something to carry it over until I can do better. I realize the amp isn't configured for this sub and I also realize both amps are living on borrowed time. Both were previously replaced more than a few times and are V2's. I was sent a bad V3 that I shipped back and then they closed so no replacement was ever sent for the ailing V2 which gets sicker and sicker as time goes by, I don't know how it hasn't died yet.

Here is the info on the amp, I could just use one when this dies I suppose but the longevity of the other one is questionable too so I figure ask you guys.

Yung SD500-6 500W Class D Subwoofer Plate Amplifier

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2CH - Klipsch "The Sixes" and 1 MFW15

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