I have done lots of reading and searching but haven't found much information about this specific question.

I have an MFW15 with the amp dying for the second time.  I am considering powering it with a Dayton SA1000.  It still has the stock driver.  I know I will have to watch the power and use the HP filter.  My first question is how much eq is programmed in the stock MFW15 amp?  Is my response curve going to be all out of wack with the Dayton amp or will it sound reasonably close?

Secondly, if I was going to replace the original driver what would be a reasonably priced replacement that would work well with the enclosure and the SA1000?

I know the Turbo kits are amazing but I am not interested in putting that much money into this subwoofer right now.  I am considering getting back into DIY at some point which is why I would like an SA1000 that has not been modded for a specific driver.

Thanks for any help or insight you guys can give me.

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