Hey everyone,

A couple months ago my Dad found a couple AV-123 MFW-15s at a Thrift Store. He gave me one and his promptly blew the amp. Since I'm the current electronic technician in the family, I traded thinking I'd be able to figure it out.

I scoured the internet for fixes to my symptoms and even scanned the amp at work, but I didn't notice any glaringly obvious faults. So I'm here seeking the expert advice for the most efficient solution to get this beast thumping again.

The stock MFW-15 amp reportedly popped, smell of magic smoke and would no longer energize. After scanning it and replacing the fuse, all I get is the red "Standby" light whenever it is plugged in. It's always red regardless of input or switch position.

If this is a fault any of you are familiar with, I have the tools and ability to repair it, but it's something out of my realm to troubleshoot without technical documentation (I'm a radar guy after all).

If this amp is something that can be turned in and sandbagger can make a turbo kit out of it, I'd be glad to do that as well and just buy the most recommended (and cost efficient, sub $300) replacement amp solution.

So any help is appreciated. I'm getting tired of this beast just sitting here under my desk :-(
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If this amp is something that can be turned in and sandbagger can make a turbo kit out of it

The turbo kit replaces the existing amp and driver. The internal amp is replaced with an external amp and a custom plate to cover the hole left by the internal amp. Plus there's a plate to cover the top control panel. Which is removed with the turbo kit.
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since it blew a fuse, popped, smoked and now after replacing the fuse only turns on the red light.......
I would guess a transistor smoked..... bad news is they were custom parts and very hard to find.  You might be able to find them on Ebay as an old customer was able to find a few for one of his amps.  It is still not a guarantee that it will work after.

Turbo kits are $795.  It guts everything but the box and I do not need any of the old parts.

you could always hook up an external amp to make sound  
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