Just some quick comments here. 

I had a demo of the MFW TURBO Upgrade by Sandbagger last week at his house in the basement home theater.  I personally own an MFW-15 with a 2nd-gen amp (as far as I know) that works fine for me.

Kevin put on some good DTS demo tracks at reference level in the theater.  The Turbo MFW-15 was very authoritative without being boomy.  My chest was feeling the deep LFE thumps and my pant legs were flapping from the sub's pressurization of  the room.  The outboard amp was flashing it's limit light (red in place of the usual blue) on some of the very loud passages, but it was just the limiter protecting the sub - without seeming to diminish it's output level.  The combo of the new amp and the new driver are definitely more capable than my stock MFW-15.

When some music was played with a nice bass line in it, the Turbo sub sounded very tight and clean.  A nice fast punch when it called for it, and no sloppiness to the sound.

While this new setup is certainly no Submersive, if you want to get more performance from your MFW-15, and/or you're having problems with the existing amp in your sub, then the MFW TURBO Upgrade is a good path for you to look at.

Personally, I'm not in the market right now to upgrade my sub - I also have an SVS 20-46 PC+ cylinder sub in my L.R. along with the MFW, so I'm not lacking for sub woofage.   But should my amp ever die, this Turbo package is the first place I'd look.

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