In the midst of the craziness that can surround this time of year, I want to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season.

To those who participate in the Christmas Celebration, have a wonderful and joyous Christmas.    Remember the Reason for the Season, enjoy your families, and relax (and of course, enjoy your Seaton speakers).

And I hope that everyone's New Year is the very best, most prosperous (by whatever definition you use for prosperity) ever. 


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Yes.  Happy holidays to everyone.  Let's all enjoy our systems even more this year.  I know I am enjoying mine very much. But beyond that, I hope overall it is a good year for people.

I simply love this stuff.
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Great Thread, Wonderful Message and Happy Holidays to all!

I know I'll be enjoying my SubMersive this season....and oh yeah, enjoying family time too!
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cheers all

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A happy and safe Christmas to all. (Easy to forget when it actually is Christmas when you are a Seaton owner as every day feels like it!)  

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