Hello everyone,

First and foremost, thank you for finding your way here and your interest in Seaton Sound as things are first getting off the ground and growing.

To clear up any confusion I have seen elsewhere, I am also designing subwoofers for AV123 which will be sold through their own website.  The products have been pictured and discussed extensively on the Forum.  The SubMersive and Catalyst will both be sold through my own company, Seaton Sound, and will not be offered through AV123.  AV123 has the infrastructure to properly support lower cost subwoofers which will have higher sales volume, and will be more living-room-friendly in aesthetic and design.  This arrangement allows us to bring to market impressive products and immediately have responsive service for customers.  My designs are not yet on the main product pages, but the pre-orders should be filled in the coming months and those products should appear on AV123's website for puchase in August and September of this year.

In designing for other companies, I am able to design more products, do more investigation and experimentation, while keeping Seaton Sound focused on delivering unique products in terms of both performance and application.  The SubMersive and Catalyst take head-on aim at the lacking options for high-performance, dedicated theaters.  Obviously such products will find highly effective use in more common, multi-purpose environments, but their heart remains in dedicated theater applications. 

The SubMersive is currently in limited supply and production, but is available.  Availability will increase over the next 2-3 months for a variety of inter-dependent reasons.  The SubMersive is currently available in a textured black, painted finish for $1995.00 ordered direct from Seaton Sound (MSRP $2495).  Custom finishes can be accomodated, but require a 4-8 week lead time and a significant cost premium.

With limited availability, orders will be taken via dedicated e-mail for Seaton Sound product inquiries.  Please e-mail if you are interested in purchasing.  Please include shipping address and preferred payment method.  Payment must be received/confirmed before shipment.  Payment options include major credit cards via PayPal's business service for which you will be e-mailed an invoice, and of course wire transfer, check, and money order are accepted as well.

Thank you again for searching us out!
Mark Seaton
Seaton Sound, Inc.
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