Hey Mark,
What are your thoughts on a house curve using the Submersive? I haven't tried it but it but others at HTS think it's a good idea. Any thoughts?

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What are your listening habits and tastes?  If you always listen at -12db from reference, but you are a bass fanatic you will probably want a house curve to compensate for human hearing issues (fletcher munson curves).  If you like to crank the volume but not disturb the boss with vibrations throughout the house you may want a curve option that cuts the bass at times, but that should be blasphemy on this forum.  Preference is such a big factor here, like speaker choice, that it is real hard for someone else to tell you what is "best".

IMHO the best thing to do is setup the system flat as a "bass line" and then experiment with a couple of different "tilts" from there to see what you like.  A good EQ should have multiple memory settings so you can select curves based on the material and volume level without having to re-program.  If you like it don't let others convince you it is wrong, and if you don't like it don't let them tell you it is "best".

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