Hi everyone, I have a Seaton Submersive HP available for sale in a Vintage Cherry finish.  My total system consists of two Seaton Cat12C's and two Seaton Submersive HP's.  Unfortunately one of the Subs has to go due to the layout of our new living room.  There's nowhere to put it (...that my wife will approve of).

Asking $1395 w/ local pickup in zip code 18054 (Philadelphia suburbs).  I prefer local pickup for convenience but will consider shipping if necessary.  I have the original box and packaging.

Pics are attached.  The sub is in good shape and works perfectly but has some minor cosmetic flaws that you can see when you get very close.  Sub has lived it's life in a smoke free, pet free home.  Any interest, please feel free to drop me a PM.

IMG_2328.JPG  IMG_2329.JPG  IMG_2330.JPG  IMG_2331.JPG
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