I have one Submersive HP slave cabinet for sale that has been lightly used. I have two master cabinets including this one slave and have determined that I really only need two of these beasts. I have decided on keeping the second master instead of selling it and letting go of the slave unit.

This slave cabinet will also work with an F2+ master cabinet.  
  • SubMersive HP-Slave Subwoofer - (same availability as HP+)
    • Dual opposed, 15" sealed subwoofer
    • SpeakON connection to SubMersive HP+/HPi+ amplifier only
    • SpeakON 4 conductor cable sold separately in build-to-order lengths by Seaton Sound or available to order here at Markertek.
    • $1195 each + shipping and veneer premiums (lead time and premiums the same as HP+ above)

The color is back maple and comes with original packaging, magnetic grills (not shown), and a SpeakON 4 conductor cable that I purchased with it.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

$850 shipped from Texas within the continental US.

I live in the Dallas, TX area and can arrange for pickup if your local.

eBay ID: greg_goff35oz
Audiogon ID: goffg

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