F18 Details and Specifications:

Amplifier & Controls (F18+):

  • 4000W continuous power amplifier (with slave connected)

    • 1400W continuous power as a single unit

    • Capable of driving our passive F18-Slave to the same levels as a single F18+

    • 4 Conductor Neutrik SpeakON connection for powering optional slave unit

    • US designed, high current, high duty cycle, class D amplifier design

    • High efficency of up to 95% for maximum power from available home circuitry

    • Fully Manufactured in the USA (board level up)

    • Nominal 120V operation (HP i+/F2i+ version available for 208-240V operation)

    • IEC Power Cord (10' length included) - right angle plug available

  • Connection options

    • 12V trigger and auto sensing - 3.5mm mini-cable connection

    • LED indicator for power, standby or error codes.

    • XLR -Female input (LFE/mono) with looping, XLR - Male output (internal Y connection)

    • 2 summed RCA inputs for LFE or Stereo inputs

  • Digitally programmable, detented, control knobs for precision adjustment and tuning

    • GAIN (volume) control – wide range for matching any system

    • LF Adjust (low shelf/adjust extension/room sizing) enabling adjustment of low frequency extension from 12Hz to 27Hz or +/- 8dB shelf (see graphs).

    • Low pass crossover 30-120Hz + 200Hz, precise, digital, Linkwitz-Riley 4th Order fitlers (24dB/oct)

    • Delay adjustment - 0-20ms for multiple subwoofer blending

  • Proprietary DSP performance optimization

    • Smooth anechoic/outdoor frequency response

    • Carefully optimized, proprietary overload protection – never fear for the well being of your subwoofer while the F18 maintains composure to much more intense playback levels

    • Smooth power response to 200Hz for seamless crossover and articulation with compact speakers

    • Shallow sealed roll off maintained in all LF Adjust settings

    • Shallow low frequency roll off typically yields 7-10Hz in-room extension

    • LF Adjust shelving & room size adjustment allow for a best fit with large to small rooms or adjusting to personal preference after room correction.


Drivers & Design:

  • 18" sealed subwoofer

  • High excursion 18" driver with 3” Voice Coil

  • Durable and strong inverted dish cone consisting of 2 layers woven fiberglass sandwiching a Nomex honeycomb

  • Cast 12 spoke basket with large under spider venting

  • Extended pole with dual aluminum shorting rings for low distortion at all power levels

  • Under spider venting and large pole vent for low operational noise and thermal cooling


  • Common enclosure to ensure matching in driver output

  • Locally produced with custom-tooled lock mitered construction

    • Pre-veneered shell cut by high precision CNC router

    • Pre-veneered sheet is machined pressed for superior veneer adhesion

    • Lock mitered joints insure perfect alignment, increased joint strength, and sharp veneer edges.

    • Matte black, decoupled 1.25” beveled face for woofer protection, baffle damping, and aesthetic appeal

    • Interlocking braces enhance strength and precision of the enclosure while controlling panel vibrations

    • Removable feet with counter-bored, M6 hardware allows for optional spikes or a flat bottom for stacking

    • Selection of available wood species and stain options

  • Magnetically secured grills with no pegs to break or see when the grills are off

  • Dimensions 24.25" H x 23.5" W x 18" D (including feet and magnetically attached grill)
  • Dimension Drawing (link to PDF)

  • Weight: 115 lbs (F18+)

  • Shipping Dimensions: 28" W x 22" D x 30" H, 128 lbs


Acoustic Details:

  • Internal 4000W/1400W amplification (with slave/indiviually)

  • Anechoic response:

    • +/-3dB from 18Hz to 200Hz outdoor response (LF Adjust @ 12 o'clock)

    • +/-3dB from 12Hz to 200Hz outdoor response (LF Adjust @ full clockwise)

    • +/-3dB from 27Hz to 200Hz outdoor response (LF Adjust @ full counter-clockwise)

  • 24dB/Octave CROSSOVER selectable from 30-120Hz and Bypass

  • 0-20ms DELAY adjustment for blending front/rear subwoofer sets

  • Typical in-room extension to 7-12Hz

F18+ Pricing (+ shipping):

  • F18+ Powered Subwoofer in Black Maple - $2,295 (can drive 3 slave units)

  • F18-Slave Black Maple - $1095

  • Black Oak finish premium - +$100
  • Cherry veneer premium (Vintage, Espresso, Golden or Red) +$200

  • Rosenut veneer premium (red stained walnut) +$300

  • F18i+ 6000W, 240V verison - +$600 ($2,895 Black Maple)

Mark Seaton
Seaton Sound, Inc.
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F18 Subwoofer in our black maple finish:

[F18x6-1]                       [F18x3-1-1200] 
The F18 in Rosenut with a couple solo shots and a look at 4 of the 8 we will use at Axpona 2017:
[F18-rnut-lit1]  [F18-rnut-lit2] 





Here we have a few more showing pictures of a set of 4 F18s we ran for a customer in our special order golden cherry finish which shows a higher contrast against the black cover panel:

[F18-Gcherry-quarter-1000sq]              [F18-Gcherry-quarter-grill-1]  

Another customer had us run a set of 4 F18s in espresso cherry to match the SubMersives he moved to the rear of the room with these beauties up front:


And finally few pictures from the first pre-production installation and proof of concept for the F18 modular subwoofer design:


[02-left-stack]  [01-right-stack] 

Mark Seaton
Seaton Sound, Inc.
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