Ok time to clear out some audio products/projects and just stuff I need to sell.
will update and add stuff 

please email me if your interested
Everything is OBO

TWO ROSEWOOD MFW-15( satin not diamond gloss)  these are cabinets only!!  in beautiful shape and come with rosewood faceplates and the custom metal grills.  I will include the metal block off plates and binding posts.  Not really interested in shipping but would be willing to deliver to Chicago or similar drive time from Detroit +/- 4hrs  I would like to get $180 each  can be built into Turbos  SOLD

Two stock MFW-15 drivers   used but in good shape.  $70 each  one sold, still have one

Zektor MAS7.1 audio switch   I think MSRP was $499? NEW in box  $120? SOLD

Sherwood Newcastle 972 with Trinnov room correction have all original packing $450  SOLD

Motor City Custom Audio
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