Some might have seen these in some facebook pictures at THE Show where a few black maple units arrived just in time for the show.  We had these on display at the front of the room:

I'll be taking some better pictures in the coming weeks, but they are effectively a scaled version of the Catalyst 12C Stands detailed here.  The one addition we made is a black MDF locking plate which secures the Catalyst 8C speaker to the stand.  I am making a minor change to the plate so the plate can serve as a way to dress and secure the power and XLR cables.

The top of the stands are 26.5" with the included, 3/4" tall, rubber feet.  These use M6 threaded inserts which can accept other common spikes like these available at Parts Express.

Black Oak or Black Maple 8C stands with included locking plate are $325 each + shipping.
Mark Seaton
Seaton Sound, Inc.
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Looks great! [smile]
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I want these for my 8Cs
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Those are gorgeous, the relative dimensions are real pleasing to the eye.

I like the locking plate.
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