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Hi all,

A few have or will soon receive their 12C stands.  Minor assembly is required of the base to the column.  Included in the packing you will find hardware including (4) 1/4-20 flat head screws and 2 wood dowels.  I'll add more detail later, and we should soon have a full PDF showing the same which we will include with future orders:

Hi Brandon,

We haven't quite fully assembled the instructions for the stand assembly, but maybe this quick pictorial will help:

Start with the set and locate the wrapped pack of hardware.

It goes much easier inserting the pegs to the base rather than the column.

Push the base firmly down on the column:

Insert the screws into the 4 holes.  Use a HEX 5/32" bit to screw in the 4 screws.  You should not have to force the screws.  Turning them backwards (CCW) first until the threads seat helps to insure they are threaded cleanly.

No need to over tighten, just finger tight or a low 5-9 torque setting with a screwdriver.

While the foam pads are not hard to peel off, they hold very well in shear (sliding).  Just be sure they are pushed down flat before you set the speaker on top.

2 people setting the speaker on top can keep from crushing fingers by rotating it so the corners are overhanging:

Seen from the other side:

With a little force lifting the edges you can rotate the speaker so it is then square.

If you need to remove the speaker from the stand, I recommend sliding/walking it forward or backward so the edge is safely in the middle of the foam pads:

From this point you can tilt the speaker on the edge that is in the middle of the gray pad to get fingers under the opposite edge.

As should be done moving any heavy object, especially nice looking ones, please take your time and always plan where you will set the speaker prior to lifting.  I strongly recommend having a second set of hands to help lifting Catalyst 12Cs.

Obviously the above pictures were of a satin black 12C on a black oak stand.  Here are some pictures I had grabbed of a matching black oak 12C and stand:

Mark Seaton
Seaton Sound, Inc.
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