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Think you mean Cat 12's and not Cat 10s?

I don't know how big or small your room is, as for mine, I would rather have 3 Cat 12C's (or 2 Cat12C's and 1 Cat 8 C as a center given a Cat 12 simply won't work period as a center), but am trying to maintain some semblance of WAF and don't believe my wife, who's very accepting of my "hobby", would appreciate the sheer size of the Cat 12's.  Even the Cat 8's have her a bit panicked.  So we'll see how it works out, per Mark's earlier note in this thread sounds like if I cross them at 80hz or higher I should still have some headroom at sane listening levels.  Given I have a bit of tinnitus, I should probably steer clear of too much SPL!

Any idea regarding an angled PowerCon connector?  Or would an angle simply cause too much issue with power and therefore they aren't made?
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You are right, my bad. (I changed it) Google search for angled Powercon - there was a bunch of listings.
For my system, here is what I posted on AVS: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?p=21831322#post21831322

The center channel is above the TV on a frame extending from the TV front and two poles in the back down to the TV stand in the rear. The L & R are on top of the SubMs. The remainder of the space between the walls is taken up by converted microwave Stands holding records & Laser Disks. (The ends) Next to the TV on either side is the AV equipment, between the SubMs.
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Do you think it would make a large negative impact if I were to inset the Cat 8C 4-6" into say a 14x30" opening that I can have constructed into the faux brick wall fireplace?  Want to keep the speaker from sticking out as much as possible and may build a shelf into the fireplace mantle (assuming I can do this without hitting the venting for the fireplace itself and properly insulate it).

Something like this...except angled 10-15 degrees down.


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Just for fun ... sketchup vs reality...


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You'll probably change the baffle step response.  I'm not sure by how much though.  I'd think room correction like Audyssey should correct for it though.

You don't want the shelf to extend past the front of the speaker though.
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So I packed up my Paradigm Signature S2's and CC, as well as my Sunfire Amp, Funk Audio Amp (for my subs) and rear speakers for the move.  Was going to also pack up my Integra 80.3 when I realized my TV speakers for whatever reason aren't working.  So rather than unpacking the Paradigm's and amp, lugged one of the Cat 8C's upstairs.

It's like a Seaton Catalyst Soundbar!

Unfortunately I couldn't even run Audyssey on the speaker as Audyssey requires Left and Right speakers to run. Who knew!

Running it with a 40hz crossover (was a bit shy to run it full band just in case) and turned off Audyssey.  Definitely a different sound than the Paradigm C3.  Less boxy, more clear.  Paradigm's seemed warmer if that's the right word.  But I guess without Audyssey on it, who knows how the speakers are interacting with the room....and I'm not pulling out the measuring gear for 1 speaker!  Also, who knows how the sound is being impacted by the fact that I can't turn off the left/right speakers.  I'm sure the Integra is still sending a signal to those assuming they are there.

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