I have long term plans (years from now) for a large dedicated theater with 2 rows, the 2nd row at approx. 18-20ft (5000-6000 cu ft.)

In a perfect world I would get the cat 12c for LCR and be done with it. However... In my current living situation the 12c may be a bit imposing in my typical domestic living room/TV room.

Given the 3 to 6+db difference in max output between the 12c and 8c depending on frequency, would a baffle mounted 8c approach the sound quality and db levels of the 12c with the added low end efficiency provided by a properly designed baffle wall? My desired output capability is reference volume with preserved dynamic peaks but no louder.

Also, with top priority placed on the sound quality of a center channel for home theater, would the 8c give up anything to the 12c in ultimate sound power and midbass energy given the above configuration (baffle mounting)?

Finally, is there a stock baffle wall DSP setting for the 8c similar to the 12c option?

Thanks in advance for the advice.

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