Hi All,

I figured this would be the most ideal place to post this since Sandbagger seems to have intimate dealings with AV123 products. I posted here because I don't want any flames, wars or other shennanigans  to occur which would be sure to happen if I posted on another board.

Long story short I want to upgrade my speakers and wondering if the market has fallen out of AV123 speakers since all that has happened or will I be able to fetch a fair price on the used market. I have a pair of 850 sigs with a bigfoot and the dipoles I want to sell but not if I'm going to lose my shirt.

Any ideas? Fair asking price?

Thanks a ton!

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Anything without a power chord has half up ok, someone had a set of 850s and a Bigfoot over on the emotiva forum which went for about 1k I think....

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