Greetings again to everyone!


Been away for some time... just got back home and felt like dedicating Mark an appreciative sort of thread, just to remind him how much vi recognize and cherish all those nice toys he so kindly throws at us, just for being Mark, humble dedicated brilliant-minded and perfection-oriented big hearted block as he is! 

And Mark... Mark... Mark... in all honesty Sir, I can only find one word in order to describe your latest finishing additions to the Catalyst and Submersive families, mainly the "Merlot Cherry" and the "Red Cherry" colors... I think it would suffice to simply state the following:

A W E S O M E !    

Judging by what every single owner of a Catalyst and/or Submersive out there tells us about their listening experiences... these loudspeakers not only simply kick "butt" with everything else at the same and a far more price range, sounding like a million dollar gear, but they now also look and feel as professional and beautiful as a million dollar craftmanship as well, with the addition that they now come in a variety of colors and finishes to hopefully satisfy even the pickiest and the most difficult sound and/or HT-enthusiast out there, even with the worst case of OCD haunting them at all time!

Even though one of your motivational driving forces (guessing it's pretty far down on your priority list though, but still...) hopefully being to run a successful business operation in order to make some solid income for yourself, your family and your future life, which, IMHO, with the kind of incredible talent, vast knowledge of the field, enthusiasm and professional trait making it a killing driving force always pushing you forward, simply would be crazy NOT to aim at, at least partially as a goal along with other stuff to achieve, stuff that would offer their own kind of pleasure and satisfaction, while running a successful business company... well nevertheless, regardless of your primary source of motivation for running your company today, it's imperative to mention the following:


For our part as humble satisfied and grateful customers and consumers at our end of the deal, discussing ordering buying and using Seaton Sounds products, I strongly feel that we ALL owe you a BIG thanks for sharing all that sense of enthusiasm, knowledge, positive attitude, professionalism and indefatigable working mind of yours at your end, and for the fact that you always thrive toward unraveling mysteries, explaining in your best abilities to make often pretty complicated and to a novice pretty confusing facts and jargons, as comprehensible and uncomplicated as possible, all in a very enthusiastic, engaging and friendly-mannered way. Thank you for all the hard work you put in providing and making possible an ongoing evolving process of new ideas and products non-stop!

Also I hope that it appears naturally and goes without saying how appreciative we are to you for putting down this much effort, time, patience, understanding and flexibility for offering help and assistance to your audience for these bad a$$ products, and for doing it with the kind of individual refinements and touch of personal adjusted elements and details, every step of the way, from production to delivery, not to mention the kind of true support you then put in to continue keeping us happy and content(!)... all in order to provide every single owner of Seaton Sound machinery the kind of satisfaction and positive experience factor which has become one of the landmarks of your industry, something that every owner of a Seaton Sound product both in these forums and elsewhere are a living proof of, without any hesitation.

And I haven't even mentioned the tremendous amount of professional feedback which is put in every single day of the week to keep us on edge, reassured, up to date and with the best kind of functionality that your products could possibly get tuned into... and don't even get me started on how you manage to keep your cool and patience when it comes to help guide and assist every dude just being curious or considering to bye some products... you never seem to get too tired or too bored of solving problems and clarifying confusions for current owners or soon to become owners!

Personally I would also like to thank you for always including the kind of forthcoming and professionally conducted objectivity in all your thoughts writings suggestions and advice, which might not always necessarily be
beneficial to your own cause or pocket!

Me for one I'd like to hereby take off my hat for the kind of service you offer, down to earth humble simple layman's "way of interaction" which basically and ultimately has prevented the Seaton Sound products become yet another item for commercial build, use and heavy pricing purposes only.


Now, the only thing I'm still mighty curious about at this moment, or better put, the only thing I would like someone with the proper insight into Mark's "magical minding world" to do for me as of right now... well of course other than that of providing me with every single piece of item available on Seaton Sound's product listing, mind you(!)... would be to figure out and for the love of God without further ado, providing me PRONTO with whatever they're putting in Mark's food or vitamins, IV-drip right into his blood stream or drinks by pouring it into his plumbing system, maybe it is some specially fabricated air supply in his ventilation system which he inhales or, for all I know, it might be some vampire or alien-blessed kind of gas put in the fuel tank of his car, providing him with the source of never ending energy he constantly feeds on...    simply put, to me it doesn't matter what kind of life source or what source of life course he rides on... just whatever the trick they're pulling to make sure Mark's achievements at his current super-efficient rate along with the impeccable "work-of-art" quality level outcome that is kept in motion........ please pretty please, someone go out there and get me the same kinda magic potion to put in my plate as well I'm desperate and I NEED THE MAGIC !!!


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I have to agree with you on so many levels. I would like to write more but you have said everything that I wanted to say.

Anyway, thanks Mark for the great service and always having willingness to help out us mere mortals.

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A great thread and totally agree with everything that has been said and cannot add more except the 2 people who have experienced the Catalysts/Sparks and 2 Submersives so far have both said the sound is as good, if not better than their local Cinema which is the highest praise you could hope to receive. My younger Brother actually had a tear in his eye when he saw the Iron Man Suit Scene and said "This is the sound I have been looking for".

I'm having about 4 GTG's and will report on people's experiences as I hear them.

Many appreciative people in my review thread over on DTV Forum and I dare say far more orders coming Mark's way very soon  

Blade's Catalyst/Spark/Submersive review

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