My speakers (3* Cat 8C in red cherry, 1 Submersive HP+ slave in black maple and 2* active Sparks) have been picked up by FedEx!

I would like to thank Mark for a couple of things:

1. Talking to his FedEx representatives to give me enough comfort, prior to my ordering, that we could clear these through Indian customs.

2. Agreeing to build me a couple of active Sparks (and giving me a great deal on them!), and then spending extra time on their crossovers so they'd image best with the Cats. Not to forget the extra work required on the grills.

I truly appreciate your going above and beyond here, Mark. These are my dream speakers and I cannot wait to hear them in my home!

My fond hope is that this act as a catalyst(!) for increased Seaton sales round these parts. I'll certainly be doing my bit once they are dialed in.
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I hope your neighbors are friends or you are not living in the city. This would be a great set up.

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