10 years ago today Seaton Sound, Inc. transitioned from an idea to a formal business entity.

I wanted to take a moment to thank our many customers and supporters, both domestic and far abroad, for the amazing enthusiasm for the products and designs we have made available.  To have evolved from a 2 car garage shop overflowing to 1, 2 and then 3 storage spaces to be going on 5.5 years in our 3600 sq.ft. facility with a few employees (and myself) making a living from this venture is very gratifying.

The company and I have had some amazing adventures over the past 10 years, and some of you go back with me even longer from the early AVS days.  We have enjoyed exciting product launches and even a few ideas pulled back after significant anticipation.  All along the way I've continued to polish the product going out the door, the packaging, the consistency from our parts suppliers, and the lead times for the products many are so eager to receive.  In the past 2 years I've significantly pulled back the public discussion of new designs after some previous experiences.  I will even admit to letting my perfectionist nature delay the release of a few products.  That is not to say we haven't been testing and developing many ideas.  

After a great deal of testing and various efforts to improve the production process we are now getting ready to push forth with more than a few new products.  I am setting the expectations high and confirming that our plans from today to March 13th, 2016 include the introduction of more than 10 new products, variations and updates.  That is no small task in terms of time and resources, but will happen.  I'm sure we'll have a hiccup or two along the way, so please hang in there with us for the fun ride of more than doubling our current product offerings. [cool]

The new shallow and compact version of the Spark will be first up and on display at the upcoming AXPONA Audio Expo here in Chicago April 24th-26th.  We had a fun space to work with last year and were moved to an even larger room on the main floor this year.  I have big plans for the room and once again will have Ken Whitcomb helping set up the video display to allow many to experience the excitement of a full Seaton Sound home theater system.

With such grand plans I will be clearing through a few particular products along with various odds and ends in the warehouse.  I'll be posting these offers and trickle out information about some of the new models over the next 10 days.

Thank you again to all our great customers who have made these 10 years possible and such an adventure!
Mark Seaton
Seaton Sound, Inc.
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Happy to be part of Seaton Sound's first 10 years! [cool]

I've been closely watching the company progress over the years ever since I purchased my SubMersive in 2009. I am planning on completely re-doing my current home theater from scratch in the next 2-3 years and I'm sure I'll be back knocking on Seaton Sound's door when I'm ready. [biggrin]

Hear's to another successful 10 years! [smile]
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Congrats on the 10 years of bringing clean high SPL playback to the masses Mark!!!
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Great stuff!  Can't wait to find out what you have in store!  My wallet (and wife) wishes I never find out!
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Congrats Mark.  My dual Submersive HP+ are on a FedEx truck right now.  I can't wait to get them into my theater room.
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