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 How many amps would you PURCHASE at this pricepoint
 1 amp ( I only need a little rumble) 57 60%
 2 amps ( I like to go boom) 29 30%
 3 amps ( I like my neigbors to hear me go boom) 5 5%
 4 amps ( I am a base head and can never get enough) 3 3%
Total votes: 94   Please or register an account to vote.

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Ok, we think we might have a few options we are looking at and would like to guage interest and quantity if we proceed.

These would fit perfectly in the back of the cabinet just like the current amp and be black.  These would be dialed in and adjusted to work PROPERLY with the stock driver, meaning it will have been adjusted to give a smooth response curve, it will also have the limiter adjusted to keep from making any funny noises that currently send you running for the plug!

How does doing this with about 500 WATTS sound?

We believe we can do this for about $225.00 give or take $25


As of right now I DO NOT have a time line for availability, This is not something that is going to happen over night or in 2-3 weeks, as soon as I can give a ball park idea I will.  Also, the pricing mentioned is an educated guess, not set in stone, until we hammer out all the details this is what we think we can do.

Motor City Custom Audio

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This guy is interested.  I still have 1 of 2 amps working, so put one down for me (for now). 


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I'd be interested as long as they will be better quality (less heat, no hum, won't break down... etc).


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I have three MFW15s and I don't see the stock amps as a long term solution (regardless of the version) unless I could stockpile a boatload of them.  I doubt I could afford a real turbo upgrade for three subs so I would very much like to hear more about this option (what it would be like compared to stock sound and compared to turbo).

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I would defintely be interested in one as my MFW-15 V2 amp melted down the same day AV123 decided to go out of business. Scared my friend so much I think you can put him down for one as well


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I'd be interested potentially. I'm the guy who voted for 4. I might only buy when I have an amp failure, unless the amp happens to have a pretty good improvement in the SQ, and the amp is a really good upgrade and not just more of a reliability type option. If I do buy, this would be a good option over yet another stock amp. Which I'm sure is safe to say it would just be a matter of time till mine start dying off...

EDIT:   Just out of curiosity, just a thought here... can the stock amp potentially cause a driver to bottom out? Or is it the driver itself that could be the ONLY culprit of bottoming out?

Not to beat a dead horse, but there has been many rumors of av123 using a cheapo knock off driver over time to save money or what have you. I have v2 subs that don't bottom out as easily as my v3 subs. Now that leads to me believe that the driver, over time, was substituted for a cheapo knockoff, OR.... the different amp versions could be the cause........?!?!

If it's the amp that can cause the driver to bottom out, then I would be much more interested in this newer amp!

Thoughts on this theory of mine.......?

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Hows this going to work with Mark sourcing(potentially) a "better stock" replacement driver.  He spoke of one with a Cast basket etc.  Kinda hard to speculate on hard purchases when so much is still up in the air at this point.

It would really help to do A/B comparisons with this amp and the V3s since apparently QSC is going to source them post mortem.  Im sure yours will be better quality, etc.  I have one if you want to borrow it, for a nominal fee of course.

Also, could you speculate on the areas where you would like to improve the amplifier performance?  Without getting into hardware specs, what issues would you/Mark like to address with this proposed amp?

Again, I have said it before, I'll say it again, I think a "Poor Man's Turbo" would have strong interest.  Combining the already proposed ideas of a 500W amp with an improved "better stock" driver.  Without replacing the combination how much could be improved?  I thought you guys were of the opinion that there would not be that much gain with just changing out the driver or amp? 

AKA NicksHitachi

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I voted for buy 1 but honestly, I have my heart set on the Turbo Upgrade now. If I saw real tests that prove this would be 85% as good as Turbo, I'd have to think about it....

Let's wait and see....(and hope the Turbo list is short....)


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I have a V2 amp that has apparently died the week AV123 went under, so I'd likely be in for one.  Thing buzzes at like 70db just plugged into AC power.  Unusable, nothing but a giant useless brick as it stands.  I'm not interested in paying $50-$100+ for guaranteed-to-fail amps from some Joe-Blow off forums or auctions where who knows if they even work or how long they've been used.  Kind of concerned about all the talk about replacement drivers though, is this another component that's mass failing on the MFW's?  I'm not sure how much I'm willing to put into a product that will break in a new way every few months.

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The amps are problematic, not the drivers.

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Originally Posted by Josh
The amps are problematic, not the drivers.



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I voted for two amps as well, but I am trying to decide if I want the Turbo's instead.  Ironically, both amps are humming like crazy. Just days after 123 closes.

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I would be interested in 2.  Just had another V2 die this week...

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I am probably going to sell my MFW-15 to fund the purchase of dual CS 18.1's, but I cast a vote for a single amp. I will highly recommend the person that buys my sub replace the stock V2 with Kevin's offering should it become available.

A suitable MFW-15 replacement would be soooo welcomed. 


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I voted for one since that is all I have.  This amp upgrade would be great.  I am so tired of wondering when my V2 amp is going to blow.  Never have had the chance to see what the MFW can really put out.  Scared I will be the next victim of a humming or blown amp.



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Interested in buying two of them.

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Knock on wood, but my MFW is still functioning--It's nice to know of a replacement when the amp inevitably kicks the bucket, though. 

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I would also be interested in at least 1, and If happy with it I would get a second.


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I`m interested in one amp I still have a good working amp going on 2 years but am concerned with everyone having amps going out after several years later and my sub does bottom out from time to time but lowering the input has stopped that but still this would put me at ease and give me time to save up for the turbo witch will be a year down the road


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I would be very interested in an amp, and possibly a better version of the stock driver.  Here is my biggest short term concern.  I just sold my MFW for two was to get something in black (mine was Moho diamond, and didn't do well under my front projector screen), and the second was the obvious...reliability.  I do have an opportunity to purchase a black one locally, but before I jump back into this fiasco, I would like to know how real this replacement amp is?

Sandbagger...obviously I don't expect any promises, but what would guess the odds are that you will have something like this, and if so, is your pricepoint a pretty solid guess, and if it does come about, how quickly would you think you would have them available?

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