• For those new to the kingdom of sound

    I have recently been introduced to the world of sound and actually having a system that sounds somewhat decent. (Here goes the money flying out of...

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    Started by Lost

  • House Curves

    Mark, I was reading this thread over at home theater shack, and was wondering what your thoughts are on house curves, and how you go about adjusting...

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    Started by TheRick

  • Submersive vs SVS pb ultra 13

    Hi, I just purchased the new SVS pb ultra 13 and am having problems with the amp, it cuts out too early, so I'll likely send it back. I'm considering...

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    Started by kevin

  • Audition needed

    Looking for a Submersive audition . I live in Clinton Iowa , about 120 miles west of Chicago . Anyone willing to open your HT and let me experience...

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    Started by Drunkonjack

  • Dolby Lake Processor

    Mark, We talked briefly about these last night. I got a chance to look at the spec sheet for them today. Is there any difference between the...

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    Started by TheRick

  • Art's GTG Pics (pics by alhull)

    These pics were taking by Alhull, and show an amazing theater that has some Mark's developed speakers. Hope it's ok Mark. ...

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    Started by TheRick

  • Cabinet or Amp pics?

    Mark, do you have any pictures of the Submersive cabinet without the drivers and amp installed? Or pictures of the amp? I don't have any...

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    Started by TheRick

  • Submersive positioning...

    Mark and Gang, I noticed in some of the pictures that the Submersive is sitting such that the drivers are facing the side walls and not front to...

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    Started by TheRick

  • Hey Mark, can you explain the benefits of two subs?

    Hey Mark, I'm trying to convince myself that I need another submersive. Rather than send an email I figured everyone can benefit from the...

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    Started by cruzmisl

  • Design Benefits

    Mark, I was wondering if you could elaborate on the benefits and drawbacks of the different design types you have developed/are in progress. I have...

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    Started by dennisdishman

  • Seaton Sound Idea

    Mark, I have an idea, that I'm sure you have already thought about, but do you have any plans to make and sell a plaque like AV123 sells for all of...

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    Started by TheRick

  • Break-in?

    Mark, I know this is a very debatable issue among people more knowledgeable than myself....but do you recommend any sort of break-in for the...

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    Started by TheRick

  • Fun with sound, physics and FIRE

    This was just posted on a pro audio forum I follow. Rubens Tube Physics Experiment Tom Danley always said how useful fire/flame was at...

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    Started by Mark_Seaton

  • House curve???

    Hey Mark, What are your thoughts on a house curve using the Submersive? I haven't tried it but it but others at HTS think it's a good idea. Any...

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    Started by cruzmisl

  • New Submersive

    Mark, we received the Submersive on Friday. Thanks for getting that to us. I know you had to deal with a lot of rain and some basement flooding so...

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    Started by Raylock

  • $600 sub

    Master of the Deep.... Do you have any plans to offer a sub in the $600 range? Thanks, Aaron

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    Started by Arone

  • Took a room response of my SubMersive1

    Hi Mark, I finally got around to taking a measurement of my SubMersive1 with REW. I think I did it right but I took it bypassing the QSC30 because I...

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    Started by cruzmisl

  • Is there an issue going from xlr to rca??

    I've come across some post recently that indicates that going from xlr balanced to rca involves more than using an adapter like this one. ...

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    Started by JimP

  • Mark- experimented with elevating sub??

    Mark, I've found that elevating my Velodyne HGS-15 about 20inches imploved the frequency response slightly. Have you tried this and if so, what...

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    Started by JimP

  • When is the BMF going to be done

    and will it be marketed here or over at AV123? Thanks OakieMike

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    Started by OakieMike

  • Some questions about Submersive and application

    Hello all there! I've been looking into the Submersive more and was trying to get a better sense of whether this would be a good product to include...

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    Started by upinsmoke

  • The SubMersive has landed.....

    Hi Everyone, Well my single SubMersive was finally delivered yesterday. I'll preface my post by saying - this thing is no joke. ...

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    Started by cruzmisl

  • Seaton Shootout

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'd love to see a shootout between the various Seaton sub designs all at a similar price-point....

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    Started by mojomike

  • EQ tools

    As a pending new owner of a SubMersive I am trying to identify the EQ tools which would be most helpful to me. I am new at this hobby so one...

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    Started by Raylock

  • Best place to buy QSC DSP-30?

    Hi All, While I wait (im)patiently for my Submersive I want to order a QSC DSP-30 so I can smooth the bass response as much as possible. Where is...

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    Started by cruzmisl

  • Detroit Demo Avail.

    Just wanted to let anyone interested that my theater is available for demos of the Submersive just about anytime. just send me a PM to set...

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    Started by sandbagger

  • Testing 1, 2, 3...

    Is this thing on? Time to make some noise.

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    Started by Mark_Seaton

  • Male or female XLR?

    Hi Mark, In anticipation of my Submersive I am ordering a balanced cable. Just curious if it accepts a male or female XLR. Thanks, Joe

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    Started by cruzmisl

  • Chicago Area Demo

    I don't have the most ideal situation for a demo as my HT is in my sunken living room that is open to the rest of the downstairs. But because of...

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    Started by Grew